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Calabria property rentals

Whilst at InCalabria we are purely a Calabrian property sales company, our service does not end when you have signed the contract. We assist with everything we can help with (within reason) and we have a large network of associated professionals we can rely on for all manners of requirements you, the homeowner, may have. 

As for rentals, this is not a core activity of our company. That does not mean we don't know how to let an apartment (we do), where to advertise it and how much to charge.

So let't get down to it.

How to let a property

If your property is part of a condominium the preferred avenue for management of things local would be the condominium management. They already work for you, probably there is an administrator, a cleaner, a gardener,etc, all people who are on site, know the place and have an interest to ensure things run smoothly and enforce the condominium rules.

The local management of the property consists, essentially, of key management and cleaning. If the administrator can manage the keys to your apartment at a set price per year or per rental and send a cleaner after your clients have left you are halfway there. If the administrator is not interested you may want to change administrator - easily done if there are several homeowners that want to let their property.

A normal agreement would be to pay a fee for each "check-in", for example €20 and €20 more payable by the tennant if they come after working hours. The tenants also normally pay the final cleaning (€40) and laundry costs (€10 pp) locally to the administrator.

Where to advertise your property

All InCalabria clients and our registered forum users (currently over 2500 registered users), can advertise for free on our Calabria Rental website ( Home owners upload content, photos and manage their bookings- all for free. It has proved very useful to an owner to have a free site where you can collate all the important information on your property and be able to send this to interested parties, as you may not use other paid-for portals for ever but are likely to change according to which one is performing the best, leading to a lot of moving of information.

One thing the paid for portals do very well, of course, is to attract a large audience for your property. Ensure you list your property with only stunning pictures, comprehensive description (you are the best person to "sell" your property!) and competitive prices, particularly during the first years.

Successful sites are:

(Have I missed an important site? Let me know, I'll be happy to add it to this list.)

Important markets are all those markets that can reach Calabria with a single (low cost) flight, see our overview of flights to Calabria. In July and August Calabria is very popular with northern Italians, so do advertise in Italy in Italian!

How much to charge

Have a good look around on what's on offer in your area, and position yourself slightly lower. Once you have built up a number of satisfied clients, good reviews and testimonials, perhaps some returning clients you can try upping the price a bit every year.

Things to keep in mind are the unique selling points and features of your property and set the price accordingly:

  1. Location (near sea, sea views, countryside, towncentre). Distance to airport, beach, bars, restaurants etc.
  2. Property features (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, air conditioning, internet access, tv etc)
  3. Development features (pool, bar, restaurants, etc)

Generally speaking, for an attractive property in a location with nice views, pool and reasonable accessibility the average price should be around €500 per week totalling €10.000 gross income in a 20 week season. Said property could be priced up to €900 per week during the peak (middle of august) and down to €350-€400 in April and October, except school holidays.

For our clients on the west coast of Calabria we made a report with rental prices in the area, based on 2008 data.

I will be happy to read your rental experience, opinions and tips on our InCalabria Forum as well as answer any questions.

Dennis Onstenk

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